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The Minuteman Bikeway is a Millennium Trail, designated by the White House.

Want More Bike Paths?

Bikeways increase community value and the quality of life.

Lemonaid stand

Cyclists stop to buy some lemonade from some enterprising youngsters along the Minuteman Bikeway.

Dozens of proposed bike paths are still waiting to be built in Massachusetts. Here's how you can support more bike paths:

Join the cause ...

To help support future bikeways, join the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition (MassBike), Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and the Leaque of American Bicyclists.

Get involved ...

You can also get involved in your local community to promote bike-path projects. Contact your local town or city officials and ask how you can help.

Lone Cyclists




Mostly tree-lined, the Minuteman Bikeway serves as a scenic greenway that connects numerous community park, wetlands, and conservation areas.

(Photo courtesy of Arlington Advocate newspaper.)