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The Minuteman Bikeway is a Millennium Trail, designated by the White House.

Dedications / Credits

Bikeway Dedications

In Lexington in 1992, the Minuteman Bikeway was dedicated to the memory of Jack Eddison, who served many years as a Selectman and worked to champion the bikeway project.

In Arlington in 2000, the bikeway was dedicated to Donald Marquis, who served 34 years as Town Manager and was also intrumental in the bikeway's completion.

Website Dedication (May 2002)

Alan McClennen and Tom Fortmann



Alan McClennen, Jr., and Tom Fortmann at the Minuteman Bikeway opening ceremony, Lexington Center, 1993.



Twenty years in planning, the Minuteman Bikeway might still be a dream if not for the tireless efforts of two community advocates: Tom Fortmann of Lexington and Alan McClennen, Jr., of Arlington.

Tom and Alan, we thank you for making your dreams of a bikeway come true. On the 10th anniversary of the Minuteman Bikeway's completion, we gratefully dedicate this website (and the companion brochure) to you.

We also applaud the efforts of Cathy Buckley Lewis at Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS) for her efforts in the design and construction of the Minuteman Bikeway.

Special Thanks

Special thanks are due to Jack Johnson, cofounder of the Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee, creator of this site and strong bicycle advocate in the Boston area and beyond. He is an important role model for many of us.


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Jack Johnson, Stephan Miller


Stephan Miller


Joey Glushko

Bikeway Map

Navigating the Minuteman Bikeway:  A DCR grant to improve user iInformation underwrote most of the cost of the. Russ Brami of Snowy Owl Maps worked with the three town bicycle advisory committees to make the map . The maps is available for download here.

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