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The Minuteman Bikeway is a Millennium Trail, designated by the White House.

Open Spaces

Great Meedows

Alington’s Great Meadows in Lexington, with the Minuteman Bikeway in the foreground.

The Minuteman Bikeway borders many open space areas, the largest of which is Arlington’s Great Meadows (shown in photo above with bikeway in foreground), located in East Lexington.

Comprising 183 acres, Arlington’s Great Meadows is one of the largest publicly owned open spaces in the area. Mostly landlocked with limited roadway access, the area is best reached from the bikeway in East Lexington.

For those interested in stepping off the bikeway, Great Meadows offers miles of trails suitable for hiking, bird-watching, botanizing, and cross-country skiing. A natural wetlands in the Mystic River Watershed region, this land also serves to control flooding in the area.

For more information, see the Friends of Arlington’s Great Meadows website at